Dress every window within a 30 mile radius to its most gorgeous self.


Special Talent – A laser eye which goes in action the minute she enters a space to take in all clues as to what will best achieve style and function for your windows.

Other Special Talent – A fabulous sense of style.

Third Special Talent – A super sonic ear that will actually listen to you- because yes, in the end, she does know that it is indeed all about you.


Master Organizer – Keeps the behind the scenes operations running smooth, so we can be efficient and responsive to serve you better.

Occasional Installer – while not his main mission, he has been known to go out drill in hand, and has a keen eye to details, which makes him a very good installer.

Our master installers

Bruce, Anton and Steve

Each of them is a highly experienced and professional independent contractor, and we have been working as a team for many years to bring you the utmost service from start to finish.

Plum Designs and Blinds as a company is proud to be a small local business, and as such to keep it personal. When you call us, you get us. When you meet us, you meet people who have pride of ownership and in a job done right. With over ten years experience ( and an average of thirty years experience for our installers!), we have learned so much and you benefit from our knowledge. We also build strong relationships with the manufacturers and workrooms we work with so that your project gets the attention it deserves from everyone involved. With us, it’s personal- we’ve got you covered!

License #991131