Solar screen shades

Solar Screen shades, White, 5% openness, are great where no privacy is needed.

Elegant Cornice and Panels

The panels are stationary, and below the cornice are screen roller shades that diffuse the light when needed- the perfect combination of esthetics and function!    

Hunter Douglas Skyline Panels in a Sheer Material

These beautiful panels are very clean and minimalist, preserve the view but shield from the sun, and come in many different textures, colors and openness! They also coordinate with roller shades for a seamless look throughout the room.

Outdoor Screen Shades Great to Cool Down Patio

These heavy duty screen shades are guided by a cable on each side so they don’t flap in the wind. They turn an otherwise too sunny and hot area into an oasis in the heat of summer.

Screen shades- very popular in kitchens

The kitchen often faces the backyard of the home, and the need for privacy is limited, making it the perfect candidate for the screen shades (also called solar shades), where you can still enjoy the view to the yard while staying cool and comfortable. They are very easy to clean, just take a sponge and … Read more