Screen shades- very popular in kitchens

The kitchen often faces the backyard of the home, and the need for privacy is limited, making it the perfect candidate for the screen shades (also called solar shades), where you can still enjoy the view to the yard while staying cool and comfortable. They are very easy to clean, just take a sponge and wipe, a definite added bonus in a kitchen environment! They come in different degrees of see-through, as well as in different colors and textures. They are great on a remote control, too, for ease of operation, as well as a clean look (no cord). There are various headers to choose from, the cassette being the most commonly used, but we can also do decorative metal brackets, such as brushed nickel or brass, or valances. The bottom rail can also be customized. With so many options, you’re sure to create the perfect shade for YOU!2013-07-10 to sort 1038 2012 december- to organize 008 IMG_1309

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