Motorized Woven Wood Shades

2013-07-10 to sort 778


Motorizing your shades isn’t quite the luxury it used to be: we have everything on remotes, why not our shades, especially when there are a few in the same room- it quickly gets tiring to go around and raise and lower them a couple of times a day. With the touch of a button they can go up or down and you can go back to doing more productive or fun activities! We rarely see motorized shades come back for repair, too: the elimination of cords seems to make them a very durable choice. Most are on battery wands so there are no unsightly wires, and the batteries typically need to be changed every 12 to 18 months or so. But they also come as plug-ins, as well as hard wired, the best option for new construction! Have no fear of having yet another remote lying around the house- we can put them on a wireless wall switch command, which acts as a remote but is secured to the wall, such as your light switches. I have had customers comment that they should have motorized their shades, but I’ve never had anyone complain that they shouldn’t have- that says something about their user friendliness! While these are made of woven woods, almost any type of shade can be motorized. It’s all about making your life just a little easier!

Motorized woven wood shades from Alta.

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